Day 27: Beaufort

ring Today would have been an all right day had it not been for the incessantly maniac truck drivers that we experienced driving past us. It literally seemed as if it was “truck drivers don’t slow down for no one” day. The amount of times trucks either tailgated us or did not bother to slow down when overtaking on such narrow roads was beyond ridiculous. One truck literally got within centimetres from hitting Jordan and millimetres from  side swiping the car. The Irony of it all was that when we arrived into Beaufort a policeman pulled us over and proceeded to tell us that someone had made a complaint about us being on the road. Having not rung ahead when we rocked up to the caravan park it was closed and there was no number to ring so Luke rung around and finally the pub said they had a spot a grass where we could pitch up swag so thats what we did. Seeing as it was late we succumbed to having to buy dinner so the pub it was as it seemed to be the only place open anyway. To our surprise though the owner shouted us dinner! Oh and we also borrowed the showers of the local football club who happened to be training at the time we were at the caravan park

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