Day 28 – 32: Melbourne

The first half of this ride went past like no tomorrow making good time to our lunch break which was spent at KFC which was a nice change of fast food places. Luke then decided at that time that he would drive ahead of us to go into the city to get a new phone as his old one just died. So Joel and Jordan carried on with the wind behind their backs and all was well until disaster struck 30 km out from the destination when Jordan got a puncture. The main problem was we had no spare tyre, pump or repair kit to get the bike up and running and we couldn’t ring Luke as his phone was dead leaving us stranded, well Jordan at least. So after collaboration Joel decided to ride off leaving Jordan behind to go meet up with Luke at the allocated place. $500 on a new phone, a parking fine and 2 hours later Luke managed to pick up Jordan who had in the meantime had been slowly walking up the main highway. Not our greatest entry into a city but none the less safe and sound and in hindsight a little bit wiser as planning goes in such situations.



155 km at an average speed of 34.6 km/hr

Burned 24,280 kj each

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