Day 35: NSW Border

Today started out hard and only went downhill from there as everything became increasingly up hill. Joel was yelling a lot today out of pure frustration and soreness from repetitively going up and down slopes yet we think he remained sane. There was a funny moment though as we past some Asians who were pushing their touring bike up a hill. We couldn’t imagine how they were going to cope further on as it only got steeper. By the time the sun set we still had 70 km to ride to reach Bombala which didn’t look as if it was going to eventuate. After 40 km of pure misery and exhaustion we decided enough was enough and pitched up swag in a park area pretty much on the border of NSW. By that time it was 8 pm and 2 degrees from freezing and to top it off we had no power or lighting apart from the car as we had no generator thanks to it being stolen in Melbourne. Almost the worst day of the trip period and as a result of not making it to Bombala we now have to ride an extra 40 km tomorrow making to 250 km of mountain climbing. As a side note the scenery was amazing but we were so ravaged by hill climbing we had no joy in it for most of the way as rainforests = mountains = climbing = innumerable suffering!



173 km at an average speed of 26.2 km/hr

Burned 22,564 kj each

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