Day 36 – 37: Canberra

Where definitely going to look back on this day as one of the most physically taxing and mentally challenging days we will ever face. From the moment we woke up we knew that nothing was going to be easy as it was – 2 degrees and everything was frozen from the roof box to the swags. We had sleeping bags though that were designed for -5 temperatures so we slept warm thanks to GETAWAY OUTDOORS Still feeling sore from yesterdays hills we were hoping for an easy beginning but it was everything but! The first 20 km was almost completely uphill as we were literally climbing a mountain not just a hill. After that it changed from mountainous to steep up and down hills which continued over the next 80 km seemed just as bad and at one point Jordan was so frustrated he got off the bike grab his bottle and just threw it at the ground.



245 km at an average speed of 28 km/hr

Burned 39,132 kj each

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