Day 39 – 42: Sydney

Riding in to Sydney was such a glorious and scene packed experience from the amazing road overpasses over river valleys covered in forests to arriving in Sydney’s epicentre only to see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all it’s magnificence and building ingenuity. The first 60 km of riding itself was all downhill so Joel and Jordan barely even had to pedal finally getting to enjoy the fruits of their labour after climbing over the snowy mountain ranges into Canberra. One thing that surprised us though was how poorly the main roads had been maintained coming into the City; in all honesty they were horrendous. Despite that the character and architectural marvel of the City itself certainly did not disappoint and in fact after having seen Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane we reckon Sydney definitely has the best looking City in Australia.



110 km at an average speed of 34.8 km/hr

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