Day 45 – 46: Coffs Harbour

We certainly did not look forward to A) waking up, B) cycling and C) cycling at all today. Yesterday had been easily the most frustrating day on the trip full stop worse than coming out of Melbourne and also added 50 km to today as a result of Joel getting four punctures and the weather being of a “torrential downpour storm” nature. Having said all that we did have a hotel to look forward to thanks to the awesome Amit Khaira. With that in mind we trudged along to begin with and when a slight tail wind picked up so did our speed. By the time it was dark (around 5:45) we still had 80 or so km to go which for some reason that day didn’t actually bother us probably as we got beyond the point of caring so our brains were mentally zombified and oh did I mention we had a hotel waiting for us. Arriving at a hotel after having a day like that is such a rewarding and satisfying feeling and definitely worth it – if only every day was like that in someway! Thanks goes to Amit Khaira for setting us up with the hotel – Legend!



245 km at an average speed of 31.7 km/hr

Burned 38,848 kj each


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